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Testing CPAN - CPAN testers

cpan-testers is a volunteer group of people, that test as many distributions uploaded to CPAN as possible, across many different platforms and version of Perl. CPAN Testers was started by Graham Barr and Chris Nandor.

For more information about CPAN Testers and how to become a tester, please visit the CPAN Testers Wiki or subscribe to the cpan-testers discussion mailinglist by sending a mail to

The CPAN Testers Reports and CPAN Testers Statistics websites, along with several other supporting websites are available to search and analyse report results.

Testing Perl - Daily Build testing of Perl

The "smokers" do smoke tests of the bleeding edge Perl on various platforms to help the developers spot new bugs as fast as possible.

Get involved by subscribing to the daily-build list by sending mail to (Web archive. After subscribing you would probably like to get the smoke toolkit, see the README and smoke FAQ for information on that.